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Protect your event with Event Bollards
Event bollards are ideal for events such as public parties, street events, celebrations, sports games, markets or seasonal happenings.

It's the perfect total temporary solution deployable at a moment's notice. We lease out bollards for any amount of time and take care of the installation as well. We also offer finance if you decide to purchase them later.

Our event bollards come in many different shapes and sizes. Choose from our range or have a talk to our customer service team to find a customised design that suits you.

We hire. We install.

Every event is unique and has unique security requirements. We accommodate for your particular needs and requirements.When you hire our Event Bollards, we take care of all the logistics.

We consult, manufacture and install Australia wide. We can deploy at a moment's notice. We will be there throughout the entire process, providing consultation and taking care of all the logistics.

Contact us today for more information about our range of event bollards.